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increase business profits

Businessman analyzing growing 3D AR chart floating above digital tablet computer screen, showing successful increase in business profit

What’s holding your business back?

There’s a thorn in the side of every business owner, a bugbear – something that’s a constant reminder that your business is not quite there yet. It’s that “If only” niggle that prevents you from fully reaching your business potential…
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July 13, 2021
A calculator and statement with a pen which is being used to check off bank entries

Top planning tips for the new financial year

There’s no better time to get your finances in order and strategies in place to increase your business profits as we start a new financial year. Bartercard can help make the road to tax time a little less bumpy with…
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April 6, 2021
Woman works on email marketing campaign in home office

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Email has become the business communication of choice for many. It may be quick and simple, but can you become more efficient at communicating the value of your business to prospects and clients through email marketing? Chances are, you can.…
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November 30, 2020
Mobile phone with calculator app open sitting on notebook and ipad on desk

Handling Accounts Receivable During a Recession

The current state of the economy is troubling, to say the least. We’re all dealing with the same unfavourable circumstances—for many, customer spending has been at an all-time low while businesses are left with no choice but to lie low…
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July 27, 2020
Sale sign in front of an empty clothing rack in shop window

What Does Discounting Really Cost Your Business?

Many businesses are struggling during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you still have your doors open, either literally or online, you might feel you need to do whatever it takes to keep customers interested. You may find it tempting to discount…
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May 6, 2020