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Creating Additional Income Streams for Your Business with Bartercard

Ask a room full of business people if they’d like to get more customers and increase sales. You can probably guess how that all hands would go up, but would those hands stay up when you ask if they’d also like to conserve cash, offload idle or excess inventory, and fill out quiet periods? Well, yes!

In these turbulent times, keeping things moving is especially critical for your business. You can handle more clients, but the challenge is how to get them through the door. It takes a lot of time and effort (and certainly money) to generate new customers.

What if you could achieve that additional income stream without having to discount your products or services, spend money on advertising, or employ additional sales staff? Bartercard can help you easily bring that new flow of customers through the door.

Bartercard is a B2B business network that connects you with new customers across town and around the globe! Using a digital, cashless system like ours keeps that all-important cash where it belongs—in your business.

Below, we examine just a few ways our members are using Bartercard to give their business a boost and create that additional income stream.

Conserve your cash

In these uncertain economic times, it’s more important than ever to keep cash in your business. By using trade dollars through Bartercard, you can keep more of that hard-earned cash in your business and working for you.

Bartercard’s online marketplace gives you access to businesses that are keen to exchange goods and services for your trade dollars. As a member, you can access an interest-free line of credit, which can help you make purchases straight away. You might need to advertise, upgrade your computer setup, find accounting advice, service your fleet of vehicles, or purchase additional stock. Your business will also benefit when you pay for leisure expenses such as meals, accommodation, and holidays using trade dollars instead of cash.

You can start conserving your cash now by paying for as many business and leisure expenses as you possibly can through Bartercard.

Fill gaps and use seasonal trends to shift slow-moving stock

Must businesses endure slow periods, whether it’s due to seasonal changes or more dramatic events like what we’ve seen in 2020. Slow periods can lead to idle or excess stock or large gaps in your bookings.

As a Bartercard member, you can advertise your slow-moving or excess stock to tens of thousands of businesses at no cost. Through the Bartercard community, you’ll enjoy access to business owners who are keen to buy your products—at full price, we might add!

You can also fill those quiet periods with Bartercard clients. It’s a great way to ensure you maintain a steady flow of customers for your business. Bartercard members genuinely support one another, and this extra stream of income can prove the difference between a slow month or year and a busy one!

Capitalise on marketing potential

When times are tough, marketing expenditure is often one of the first items on the chopping block. You’re just too busy trying to keep the doors open and marketing is just too expensive. Without it, however, you’ll struggle to grow your business.

What if you could acquire a complete marketing strategy and implement it without impacting your cash flow? With Bartercard, you can! The Bartercard network has members who can help with your brand awareness and marketing, database purchasing, promotional products, and much more!

You can access everything you need to drive cash sales to your business, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as you can pay for it using your trade dollars. You can even get started today with an interest-free line of credit.

Let Bartercard help you grow your business

Bartercard offers you completely flexible trading because:


  • You don’t have to purchase from the same business that purchases from you
  • You can spend with anyone locally, nationally, and internationally
  • You can sell now and buy later, or buy now and sell later
  • You can use the interest-free line of credit as working capital, even before making a sale.

Contact Bartercard today and bring a fresh new income stream to your business, introduce you to new customers that are keen to buy from you, and help you move that excess stock or fill those empty seats or time slots.

This one-minute video will show you even more ways Bartercard can help grow your business.


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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

*Membership fee may apply. Transaction fees will still apply for any trades that occur within the first month. Monthly membership: $49 a month, trade fees may apply.