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One Light Charity Foundation Limited

Better Together

One Light Charity Foundation established by Bartercard in 2011 to represent all members and support member charities. One Light has raised and granted over T$3 million for our communities including the Bushfires, Townsville Floods, Drought and Adopt a Farmer.

As a consumer, stakeholder, or employee, your emotions and decisions are driven by your personal beliefs. It shouldn’t be surprising that many people care a lot about things like their community and environment.

That’s why more and more businesses are launching initiatives to be more Corporately Socially Responsible (CSR). Your customers, employees, stakeholders all demand it.
While CSR is typically considered a practice for large international businesses, many small and medium businesses (SMBs) are also starting to practice social responsibility and reap the benefits.

Every member of our Charity team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we operate a very lean cost structure, utilising volunteer and sponsored resources. Together we will make maximum impact investments in our communities on behalf of our Donors who want to see more funds flow towards solving pressing social needs on the front lines.

The power of modern bartering is that now your Business can be socially responsible and conserve cash by donating Trade Dollars to Charity.

We offer you a Charity of difference and our volunteers will do all the work on your behalf:

  • We do the due diligence on Charities, Institutions, or NGO’s making sure that maximum impact investments are made on your behalf.
  • Partner with frontline registered Australian charities helping victims of natural disasters, domestic violence, homelessness, poverty and medical conditions.
  • You choose the cause that you want to support.
  • We are totally transparent with your donations. By following our campaigns on our website you will be able to see who donated, how much was donated and how the donations were applied.
  • Your business name will be linked to our Campaigns when you donate, unless you choose not to. You will be able to show how your business practised social responsibility.
  • Trade dollar donations of more than T$5,000 will be fully Tax deductible
  • We believe one can’t fully grasp peoples’ pain and needs unless you’re in their position. Our team of passionate volunteers visit the frontlines of affected areas and personally identify the needs of the most vulnerable.
  • We keep everyone updated with regular posts on social media and on our website at onelightcharity.com

About us

In 2011 the Bartercard Charity Foundation was established and has been approved by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient, meaning that donors can, subject to tax law, claim a tax deduction for donating to the Foundation.

Bartercard Charity Foundation changed its name to One Light Charity Foundation “OLC” in 2015. OLC, arm is different because it accepts donations of trading stock, property, services, Bartercard trade dollars and not just cash. Furthermore, it supports a wide cross section of Australian Registered Charities, particularly those that have great causes but struggle to gain national prominence.

The value of donations is fully applied to Charities that have lodged a grant application to support a cause. Grants will be paid in Bartercard trade dollars in conjunction with a spending plan to achieve specific project outcomes.

OLC is an Australian registered Charity Foundation and partners with over 10,000 businesses to help combat extreme suffering in their local communities. OLC was one of the first registered charities in Australia with a payments checkout that accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.