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How to revitalise a business with Bartercard and secure shelf space nationally

Bondi Scrubs stocks to retailers Australia-wide.  See what this brand did to land success and conserve thousands of dollars in a rebrand with Bartercard.

Bartercard member Glen Naughton was thrown a major curveball in life.  But instead of quitting, he bought two brands, Bondi Scrubs and Naturlea, built them up online through Bartercard and stocked to 72 retailers Australia-wide including City Beach and General Pants.  He has since sold the labels, but they continue expanding their reach.

Glen was a tiler with a successful business and 23 staff when he received a diagnosis of heart disease at 47.

It wasn’t the only blow his family had – several years earlier his partner Lorraine developed breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy.

“When you receive news like this, your priorities change drastically – at least they did for us,” said Glen.

“It was a pretty rough time and we knew things had to shift.”

Glen started looking for a business that allowed him and his partner to slow down and reduce the stress.

They found two online health businesses for sale on Gumtree – coffee-based body exfoliant brand Bondi Scrubs and Naturlea, a range of essential oil-based products.

“Both businesses were run down, so we bought them and turned to Bartercard to build them up,” he said.

Glen had used Bartercard in his tiling business for the last 14 years where he traded his services through the cashless exchange.

“Bartercard had always been supportive of my business and I’d accumulated a considerable amount of Trade Dollars from Bartercard jobs.

“So we started searching Bartercard’s cashless marketplace for the services we needed.

Growing the brands with Bartercard
Glen quickly turned to rebranding and relaunching both businesses online.  “I covered the design work, new websites, and SEO to boost ranking in Google with my Trade Dollars, conserving thousands of dollars in cash.

“We also created a custom online plug-in, so Bartercard members could order directly from us using their Trade Dollars,” he said.

“This extra detail really makes a difference to customer service and reviews.  If it wasn’t for Bartercard, we wouldn’t have had the rankings we did. We just couldn’t afford that in the cash economy.”

Glen said he put the Trade Dollars from Bartercard sales straight back in the business through SEO and social media marketing.

Landing shelf space at stockists Australia-wide
While Glen’s businesses were purely e-commerce he said Bartercard created brand exposure in a competitive market leading to positive reviews and cash business.  But part of his success was securing shelf space at General Pants in their Sydney-based George Street store.

“A friend of a friend knows the purchasing manager at General Pants and put me in touch,” he said.

“General Pants were looking to stock their gift section and saw Bondi Scrubs as a good fit.  City Beach was already a customer when we bought the business on Gumtree and their customers purchased our products through 61 City Beach stores around Australia.  Many turned into customers who bought Bondi Scrubs and Naturlea directly from us online.”

Standing out in a competitive market
In a digital landscape where everything is outsourced overseas, and prices are continually pushed down, local, organic and high quality continues to strengthen.

Customers are becoming more aware of their health and there is real growth in the essential oil industry.

Glen became a licensed certified organic business which gave him an edge over the competition.

“In a market where quick ingredients are the standard, many health-conscious customers are wanting 100% organic which is key to standing out.”

What Glen sourced on Bartercard

  • New brand and packaging
  • New websites with custom-made plug-ins
  • Continual SEO to boost rankings in Google



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