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Business rebranding concept image featuring wooden cubes and a hand

Do You Know When It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Your company’s branding is the most valuable and forward-facing asset setting your business apart from competitors. Brand identity is created through various visual elements and verbal language to identify and distinguish the brand in the buyer’s eye. However, you need…
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February 1, 2022
Man smiles while navigating mobile

Would A Mobile App Benefit Your Business?

If you’re running a business, you probably know that most people are already on mobile. We spend hours every day staring at our mobile phones and interacting with applications for a wide range of services, from social interaction to e-commerce.…
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October 29, 2020
Thumbs up and thumbs down

Building Trust Through Online Reputation Management

Your business reputation is worth protecting at all costs, both online and offline. If you discovered someone in the offline world talking about a negative experience they’d had with your business, you would want to know about it. Most likely,…
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October 22, 2020
A content marketer typing on a laptop in a café

Content Strategies for New vs Existing Customers

Content marketing could be a boon for your business if managed correctly. Informative, engaging, and relevant content helps attract new customers, keep loyal ones, and drive profitable customer actions. The most common mistake marketers make in content marketing is creating…
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July 27, 2020
Arrangement of business items around laptop computer, for getting new customers during lockdown
Business tips

Three Tips to Reach Your Customers Online

Now is a very important time to be connecting with your customers online. Whether you’re an essential service or working from home in self-isolation, there’s still an opportunity to keep the lines of communication open between your business and its…
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April 23, 2020

What You Need to Know About Brand Proliferation

Businesses are always looking for new ways to generate extra income and boost their market share. When a brand develops and markets new brands that are slight variations on similar, existing products, the result is a phenomenon known as brand proliferation. Below,…
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February 12, 2020

How You Can Increase Sales Without Expensive Marketing

To increase business profits, you don’t need to allot a huge portion of your company’s budget. Even the best planned marketing campaigns can fail. Every facet of business decision-making, including one’s marketing strategy, almost always involves risks, and a positive…
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November 14, 2019