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How is Technology Changing B2B Networking?

Plenty has been written about how technological advances allow businesses to better connect with their customers, but what about with each other? How well is your business keeping up with changes in the B2B networking arena?  These days, keeping pace with change in the business world is harder than ever. However, for those ready and willing to put in the work, these rapid changes to B2B networking represent a terrific opportunity to separate yourself from your competition.

Technology is rapidly evolving, allowing us to connect more effectively and frequently with our networks and unleashing the potential of those networks to benefit every business involved. Have you given much thought to your business’s B2B network? If you haven’t, there’s never been a better time to start. Continue reading to learn more about how changing technology is revolutionising the B2B world.

Standing out in a more connected world

Twenty billion messages are sent on Facebook Messenger between people and businesses every month—people have never been more connected to the brands and businesses they want to identify with. The same can be said of B2B networks. Today’s markets are saturated by connectivity. You might think this means you must work that much harder just to get a foot in the door. That’s true, but it also means that the perfect businesses to meet your B2B needs are always within immediate reach. It may be more work to stand out in a crowded field but remember that more people are there to see it when you do.

Meeting higher expectations

With greater access comes higher expectations. Business and consumers both today have a greater awareness of what they want and deserve. Many businesses make the mistake of believing that they must offer more and more services, incentives, rewards, and benefits in order to meet these higher demands. This, however, can prove overwhelming, and have a detrimental impact on the overall quality of a brand. Instead, consider these higher consumer and business expectations as an opportunity to hone your image. Offering more specific and specialised services allows you to further exploit your strengths as a business and carve out your own unique corner of the marketplace. Remember that being more specific doesn’t mean attracting fewer businesses, it means attracting a higher share of the right businesses.

Reaching people on the go

Major advances in mobile technology have allowed us to network with other businesses at any time and any place—B2B networking is now possible 24/7. That’s why tools like the Bartercard mobile app can give businesses an edge in a competitive B2B marketplace. Bartercard’s MYBC app allows Bartercard members to find other members, browse products and services, pay invoices, process sales, and view available Trade Dollar balances.

Take your B2B networking to the next level

Are you ready to harness the new tools available to your business and take your B2B networking to the next level? You can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors are already doing precisely that. Whether you’re connecting with new businesses via the Bartercard mobile app and creating a social media persona that attracts the right people, B2B networking has never been a greater opportunity than it is right now. Contact Bartercard today to learn more!


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