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How Bartercard can help with market research

Bartercard is a platform where businesses can barter trade their goods and services using trade dollars. Joining this immense online marketplace offers numerous benefits for a business owner just like you. It aids your business by turning your excess inventory, spare downtime, and vacant seats into additional sales—expanding your business and profits.

More than just giving you a platform for business networking, Bartercard also helps you in your market research process. Stellar market research significantly improves your brand and a vital component when you’re designing your products and services. The result of your market research majorly influences your entire brand image and help you make sure that your strategy is on point.

In this blog, we talk about how Bartercard can help you gain a deeper understanding of who your market is, what other markets you can tap, and how to better serve your clients.

Bartercard enables you to observe consumer behavior

Joining Bartercard enables you to communicate directly with potential markets. With tens of thousands of members and multiple industries to connect with, you can keep track of the current and future trends in the market. And as you barter with other businesses, and tap new customers, you get to understand what consumers love and what they don’t. This will challenge your business to find ways to serve them better and expand your product range as needed.

Bartercard helps you understand your competition 

Not only does competition help you set your prices but knowing who your competitors are can give you a new perspective on how your brand should operate differently, to make your products and services stand out. When you discover a competitor with similar products in the market, you can create more effective strategies for campaigns to improve your position in the market.

Bartercard allows you to test for success

What’s great about joining a unique and growing business network, is your ability to connect with your customers and allow them to test your products. With Bartercard, you can easily see whether your products and services will resonate with your target market, before deciding to go full throttle.

Bartercard ensures your relevancy

With Bartercard, you’re better equipped to react to an ever-changing market and stay relevant. By researching the evolving needs of your consumers, analysing your competition’s reactions and strategies, you secure your relevancy in the market. You can also create a basic survey that you can send regularly, optimise results, and track your progress as a business so you can identify areas for expansion.

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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

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