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Bartercard’s Half A Million $T Muster – supporting Australian farmers

Australia is one of the driest places in the world, and there are always farmers who need assistance feeding their animals. 

But did you know that Australian farmers are currently experiencing one of longest, severest droughts the country has seen?

Bartercard has personally worked with organisations and members in agriculture, including Rural Aid, and our farmers are the backbone of our community and the fabric of our economy.  Working from dawn to dusk to supply our local produce, they face seasonal hurdles like drought on a daily basis but require our support today more than ever.

That’s why we are asking members to ‘Buy a Bale’ – an initiative of Rural Aid that’s been running since 2013.  Since its first hay drive, Buy a Bale has delivered more than 160,000 bales of hay to drought stricken farmers and their livestock across four states.

Since founding the program five years ago, Charles and Tracey have evolved Buy a Bale to expand services and support to rural communities not just to combat natural disaster, but to assist them to stay in existence and build resilience to the setbacks which farmers face daily.

In 2018, the length and severity of the drought is seeing major brands like Woolworths and Qantas push for bale donations.

Buy a Bale appreciates every dollar and as such they are welcoming Bartercard contributions too.  For as little as T$110 you can buy a bale or T$9,500 will buy a semi-trailer full of hay, delivered.  So donate today to assist our drought-stricken farmers and get us closer to our ‘Half A Million $T Muster’ target!

We thank you so much in advance for your support of Australian farmers, without whom we wouldn’t have local produce.

All it takes to donate is a few moments of your time and a few simple steps.

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