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What to post on social media

When it comes to social media, a common problem businesses face is what to post. If you are stuck for ideas, the temptation is to revert to telling everyone about your new widget or latest deal. You keep posting away about your business, your products, your news and your sales.

The problem with that is it’s all about YOU! As the saying goes, ‘People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.’

Remember, this is not just media; it’s social media. Your customers want to engage with you, learn from you, share their ideas and feel valued.

Potential clients can simply visit your website if they want to know about your products and services. Social media posts are for letting them into your world – showing them your company personality, introducing them to your team and inviting them to get involved.

Toss around the following ideas, experiment with your posts and see what works best for your business.

Before you get started…

The golden rule for social media posts
Wherever possible (and it’s almost always possible) include a photo or photos in your post. Make them real, avoiding stock images if you can. The more honest and genuine you can make your posts and your photos, the more relatable you become to your clients and potential clients.

The second golden rule
Yes, you can post about your business! Why would you bother with social media if it wasn’t going to boost your business? What’s important is the ratio of business posts to general posts. Most experts agree that 1:4 seems to work well – that’s one business post for every four ‘general’ posts.

Now let’s check out some thought starters.

Your business

  • Your business blog posts – post it directly to the social media platform for greatest visibility.
  • Videos have a 135% greater reach than photo posts. Give live videos a go if you’re confident in front of the camera. Consider how to’s, new products, tips and tricks, interviews and your products and service in action. Keep videos short and sweet!
  • Your business updates: news, changes, industry or staff awards, your successes and wins.
  • Customer support – ask your followers what they need.
  • Updates to your website – keep people informed of changes.
  • Invite your customers to company events.
  • Advertise positions vacant in your business.
  • Meet the team – an introduction or Q&A with team members and new team members.
  • Share the sign-up links for your webinar, email newsletter or blog.
  • Tell a little of your company history – where you began and how far you’ve come.

Products and services

  • New products – pre-launch previews, sneak peeks and reviews
  • Sales, special offers and seasonal promotions.
  • Different aspects of the business – let people know how you do things differently.
  • Client reviews and testimonials –happy customers attract more happy customers.
  • Customer case studies – invite customers to share their positive stories.
  • Product reviews and updates – your products or affiliated products.
  • Giveaway products or samples. Everyone loves free stuff!


  • Tips, advice, helpful info and how to’s that your target market will find useful.
  • Industry news and updates – share articles from related trade publications, websites or other media, always giving credit to the source.
  • Look for problems your customer wants solved and provide that information.
  • Think of questions your clients frequently ask and share that on your posts.
  • Create infographics to explain more detailed information.
  • Record a regular podcast to cover topics your clients are interested in.
  • Interview a leader in your industry via podcast video or through your blog.
  • On this day in history – look for days that relate to your business or market.
  • Hacks – if you find a better way to do business through an app or online platform, post it.


  • Keep your customers updated on relevant Government changes.
  • Post industry-related news, reports, information, research, announcements and statistics.
  • Link to current media interviews or articles which have relevance to your market.


  • Surveys, polls and feedback. Ask your customers or potential customers for their thoughts, ideas, opinions and feedback. Remember to thank them and share the results.
  • Fun posts that show your company personality – your business pet or new haircut, funny happenings around the office. You can also include gifs or memes that suit.
  • Asking interesting questions. People love to answer questions!
  • Seasonal – find a way to tie in your business into seasonal promotions.
  • Competitions and prize draws – a great way to engage your customers.
  • Client posts about your products and services – the perfect testimonial!
  • Take every opportunity to create and promote your own #hashtag
  • Personal snaps – you decide how much to post. Don’t be afraid to let people meet your latest team addition or enjoy some holiday snaps.


  • Promote other businesses, suppliers, affiliates, memberships etc.
  • Out ‘n about – share where you’ve been and who you’ve met – and tag them!
  • Charities and fundraisers – your audience will love to hear of your community involvement.
  • Service clubs you might be involved in. Share a post every now and then of the good work you do.


  • Memes and quotes that relate to your audience. Don’t overdo it as social media is filled with them. Try for a more personal angle by collecting your own quotes.
  • Shout outs – give praise to anyone in your community who deserves it. Catch people doing good and making a difference to others.
  • Online stories you find inspiring. People will get to know what’s important to you… and that you care.

Beyond tactics, strategy and planning of social media posting is a connection. If you can achieve this through social media, you will win hearts and business.


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