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You're a manufacturing or printing business and want to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Since 1991, manufacturing and printing businesses have turned to Bartercard to fill their machine's downtime and move their idle stock. Rather than turn their machines off or discount their prices, which results in reduced profits and brand value, they've discovered how to get the edge by using Bartercard's simple trading system of turning unproductive time and/or stock into trade dollars that they are then using to reduce their cash expenses.

I used Bartercard to circumvent the competition by accepting a currency alternative that I’ve used to offset almost half a million dollars in my business. Bartercard was a launching pad which helped me build up my customer base outside my local market.

Serge ContiMargaret River Natural Spring Water

Networking opportunities and word of mouth advertising were the two main reasons we originally joined Bartercard. We’ve found that when we do a job on Bartercard, the happy customer then tells ten other people, which generates a lot of extra cash business for us. Each month we bill roughly $10,000 in Bartercard sales and if we didn’t have Bartercard we wouldn’t have the stock we currently have. One major cash savings for us is being able to purchase grinding disks, welding wire and welding gloves on Bartercard. We have a supplier in Perth who ships bulk orders.

Jacqueline JohnsonK & J Welding and Fabrication

We joined Bartercard to increase our businesses turnover and gain exposure to other businesses. Bartercard has been very effective for our business as it has opened our business up to new markets from which we gain lots of referrals. Bartercard is great as you’re able to buy things and it doesn’t affect your cashflow as you’re not spending the cash in your pocket.

Israel SassonA Plus Chemicals and Fragrances