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2019 Hospitality Trends

We list the industry tips to keep you thinking outside the walls of your establishment.

Direct bookings will keep dropping acquisition costs
Hotel bookings are a continual balancing act. While operators want to maximise direct bookings to lower costs, they equally don’t want to burn bridges with platforms like or Expedia which bring continual business. Hotels and resorts are doing more to proactively attract direct bookings in 2019 so expect to see more direct marketing, online tactics and special rates rewarding travellers who book direct.

More user-generated content
The industry will continue to collaborate with influencers in 2019 to stay at the forefront, but you don’t have to be a global brand to appear in social feeds.  User-generated content is unpaid and posted by followers who love the brand and want to talk about it.  It essentially creates endorsement that’s among the most effective ways to attract new customers.  According to, 86% of millennials consider referrals a good indicator of brand quality and a great brand across the board underpins user generated content.

The upside for visitors who can instantly post about brands in a digital age is a higher benchmark of service, Instagram-able spaces and more creativity.  Room gadgets like nail dryers, rewards for eco-conscious guests and smart cars for shopping trips (cutting out car rental) are a few ideas at future-focused hotels, leading to enhanced experiences.  The most extravagant extra must be room service for pets.

Smart-room technology
We do so much from our smart phones like banking, payments and automating; so more hotels are ingraining smart phone technology into stays.  Many are already using mobile keys, text messages instead of calls to reception and customised temperature, lighting and toiletries to enhance the guest experience and stay ahead of the curve. Watching ads and flicking channels is a thing of the past, so personalised entertainment via guests’ Netflix and Amazon accounts is letting them watch what they want, when. This lets hotels create a more comfortable and cosy stay.

Home away from home
Hotels are creating familiarity in more places in than just entertainment, transforming lobbies into expanded living rooms and adding a longer list of features like exercises, massages, cooking classes, dry cleaning and deliveries.  With more services at guests’ disposal, hotels are turning eco-friendlier too; embracing local over imported ingredients, furniture and art.

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