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Fill your Empty Beds

Fill beds and use seasonal trends to shift slow-moving stock!

Use Bartercard to fill your empty rooms

Most businesses endure quieter periods or a downturn.  These slow periods can lead to idle or excess stock or significant gaps in your bookings; this is particularly true of accommodation providers.  But that’s where Bartercard can help turn your idle capacity into a profit.

You can fill those quiet periods with Bartercard clients.  It’s a great way to ensure you maintain a steady flow of customers for your business.  Bartercard members genuinely support one another, and this extra income stream can prove the difference between a slow month or year and a busy one!

As a Bartercard member, you can advertise your slow-moving or excess stock to tens of thousands of cardholders at no cost.  Via the Bartercard ecosystem, you’ll enjoy access to business owners keen to purchase your products or services — at full price!

Generate incidental spending

Furthermore, as an accommodation provider, you can also generate incidental spending.  The trade dollars generated from unsold rooms can then be used to offset spending and business expenses that typically would be made using cash from within the business.  Think advertising and website, renovations, linen, kitchen supplies, EFTPOS, toilet rolls, cleaning products, furnishings — the list is endless.  Many business owners also use their Bartercard trade dollars to purchase stock which they on-sell for cash.  For example, a hotelier may buy wine on trade to sell for cash in their restaurant or bar.  It’s a win-win; fill idle capacity and save cash on business expenses.

A smart solution

Bartercard provides a solution for an accommodation business to turn unsold rooms into goods and services that they would otherwise pay cash for and helps to protect cash flow.

On average, members can expect a 10 per cent increase in customers with Bartercard.  This can also lead to extra customers in the cash economy through word-of-mouth recommendations.  If the service is excellent, people will tell their friends and family about it whether they are in Bartercard or not!

Start using Bartercard TODAY!

Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

*Membership fee may apply. Transaction fees will still apply for any trades that occur within the first month. Monthly membership: $49 a month + T$10 + T$10 DRF.

Boost your business with Bartercard

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