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Using Bartercard for Better Business Results

Sometimes an idea comes along that makes great business sense. For many businesses, that great idea is Bartercard! For over 30 years, Bartercard has been helping business owners attract new customers, build their business networks and fund capital growth.

If you haven’t yet explored the benefits Bartercard can bring to your business, there’s never been a better time to dive in. Here are three, key business-building areas where Bartercard can be successfully used to build better results in your business.

Gain new customers

Attracting new customers is a constant focus of any business. You can’t take your foot off the accelerator for one minute. Bartercard allows you to bring new customers into your business without the need for additional advertising, hiring salespeople, discounting your products, or offering incentives.

As a Bartercard member, your business is advertised (at no cost) to potential customers, locally and nationally.

Opening your business to Bartercard customers gives you an edge over your competitors who only operate in the cash economy. Bartercard members are also happy to pay you full price for your products and services – no more discounting to win business. And, when you do Business with a Bartercard member (and they’re happy with your products and services) they will refer you to their cash-paying friends!

Bartercard is so confident they will increase your customer base, they guarantee it! Most business members experience an average ten per cent increase in customers after joining Bartercard. Some businesses are keen to fill their empty seats or spare appointments with Bartercard customers so that figure is higher. Others take a more conservative approach. At the end of the day, you choose how much new business you want.

Build business networks

To grow your business, you need to grow your network. Through Bartercard’s online trade exchange and mobile app, your business can instantly connect with tens of thousands of business members – worldwide, or just around the corner.

Bartercard attracts forward-thinking business owners – people who are looking for ways to expand their business, gain an edge over their competitors and open their business to new possibilities. They understand how trading through Bartercard saves them cash – and that’s always a good thing for business!

New members are warmly welcomed, and you’ll meet business owners who are keen to do business with you. If you prefer to network in person, you can attend member events in most major cities of Australia and in many regional areas throughout the year. As Bartercard operates in eight countries, you can easily grow your business overseas too if that’s part of your plan.

Fund capital growth

It’s a catch-22 for business owners – you know that making business improvements will increase your cash flow but making those improvements will cost you cash! Bartercard offers an answer.

Bartercard members can apply for an advance on their trade dollar sales. This means you can have trade dollars straight up to use in your business to pay for the improvements you need.

This advance could be used to complete renovations, expand your premises, purchase new equipment or update your computer system. You might need funding to launch a new product, run a marketing campaign or employ the services of a professional to help plan your business growth.

Once your advance on trade dollars is approved, you’ll be able to invest in your business to support its growth, without having to apply for a bank loan and pay big interest, or dip into your cash savings.

The amount of the advance depends on the size of your business, your capacity to trade and factors such as equity and security. You simply pay back the advance by selling your goods and services through the Bartercard community.

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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

*Membership fee may apply. Transaction fees will still apply for any trades that occur within the first month. Monthly membership: $49 a month, trade fees may apply.