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Rewards Not Building Loyalty? Try Building a Community

Since Bartercard is a membership-based community, there are many local and national networking events designed to build your network. Through new contacts, business is constantly being conducted through our trade exchange, and additional new cash referral business is reciprocated as a result of new relationships.

A strong network is essential for a successful business; it is the cornerstone of any strategy to attract new customers, build solid relationships, and extend your business’s reach. Below, we look at the importance of the community you build around your business, and what it offers that discounts simply can’t replicate.

Why you should build a supportive network/community

Knowing what your customers think is what dreams are made of. That’s why companies that share information with their audiences should also be listening to feedback and incorporating them into their products and services. You’ll be hard-pressed to gather as many passionate and innovative ideas from your customers as you will from your branded communities. Communities can also help you to see your product, business, or industry from the perspective of the very people you’re selling to.

When you continue to communicate transparently with your audience, you’ll improve their trust in your brand. Communities create a relationship between customers and brands, building more patience and loyalty. When customers run into problems, they’re more likely to give you a chance to resolve them before churning or growing disillusioned.

Nurturing your communities

Nurturing your communities will lead to growth in referral marketing, which is an inherently more trustworthy source for prospects who are interested in your company. What’s more, interacting with people that represent your company is one of the driving reasons why people want to join a brand’s community.

They want to learn about product updates before you let your email list know about them. They want to beta test new features. They want better product support and their questions reliably answered.

To give these things to your audience, you need to be present. While the CEO doesn’t have to take part in every conversation, you should at least ensure that your customer support and success reps are engaging with customers whenever it makes sense.

In the end, no brand community will be successful if you don’t have a product that inspires your audience. Before you invest the time and effort into building a community around your brand, make sure that your levels of customer satisfaction are high. A small yet happy customer base is infinitely better than a large, lukewarm one.

More interaction makes for a more engaged customer base

Ultimately, the goal for any brand community is to create an environment where the brand, customers, and interested parties can come together to share more information, get to know each other, and create bonds that make your solution stick. A supportive network like this takes time to build, but with some persistence and a strong strategy for enticing customers to join, you can cultivate a brand community that expands your following, cultivates loyal customers, and keeps your audience coming back for more.

Tap into Australia’s Largest Business Community

Bartercard is Australia’s largest business network, with tens of thousands of cardholders. Joining Bartercard not only gives you access to a unique market of buyers and sellers, but its regular networking events also provide a forum where you can build invaluable relationships across nearly every type of industry. Mixing with industry leaders can give you some great ideas for your business with the right connections. Become a Bartercard member today and see what our community has to offer!


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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

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