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How to Support a Better Work-Life Balance for Employees

In today’s decentralised workplace, the lines between professional and personal lives are blurring. Our workspaces are more spread out and our hours are less aligned, making the ability to switch off and strike a good work/life balance a common struggle.

For all employers, supporting a good work/life balance for their employees is vital, for a myriad of reasons. There are many things companies can do to help workers find and maintain a work/life balance that’s right for them. Meet with your employees regularly to hear what they need to achieve this.

Businesses need to do their bit to help employees. If your staff are struggling to find the perfect balance between work and play, Bartercard asks you to consider the following strategies for a better work/life balance.

1. Consider Flexible Work Schedules

Thanks to a massive shift in technology, many companies have permanently adopted flexible work arrangements for their employees. With flexible work schedules, employees can more easily manage their professional lives alongside the demands and preferences of their personal lives.

Employees feel valued at companies where they know they can finish earlier, knowing they are needed at home, safe in the knowledge that their employer knows that they’ll still get the job done. When they feel their managers value their time outside the office as much as when they’re in the office, they are more likely to stay in a job they love.

2. Establish Boundaries

Working from home makes it harder to physically separate from your work, and flexible hours can make it harder to know when you are and aren’t working.

Advise against employees downloading their task management or communication apps on their personal mobile devices. This will make it easier for them to separate from work when they’re away from the office or their work computer. If your employees are choosing flexible hours, maintain a schedule so they have a clear threshold to switch off.

3. Encourage Breaks

Employees who take more breaks often accomplish more in the time they work. Encourage your employees to take breaks, take a walk, or even work in an entirely different part of the office. You can also establish break-out rooms where they can get away from everything and everyone for a little while and focus.

4. Regularly Review Workloads

Workloads and capacity are constantly changing in any business allocation of duties. To ensure individuals have achievable workloads, schedule annual or even quarterly reviews of workloads. Work/life balance can erode as employees’ workloads inch closer to their capacity. Just because you’re still accomplishing everything with your current staff levels doesn’t mean the situation is sustainable.

5. Reconsider time off

Another way to prevent burnout is to force workers to take their time off within the holiday year by not allowing them to carry over holidays, or capping how many days they can carry over. This incentivises employees to step away regularly and enjoy time to themselves.

6. Support Family Time

A study by The Australia Institute revealed that work/life balance in Australia is deteriorating for four in ten people. Understanding family commitments is an essential piece of the work/life balance puzzle. Making your employees aware of local childcare facilities, or being flexible when employees need to leave the office a little earlier to collect their children from school or childcare can go a long way towards improving relations and performance in the workplace.

Not only can it help to increase employee retention, but it can also make a huge difference to the lives of your most valued employees. It has been proven over and over again that the most important part of someone’s job is not the pay, it’s the sense of feeling valued.

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