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How Small Business Marketing Compares to Large Companies

With so many costs to consider, marketing is often one of the last items that small businesses budget for. SMEs don’t have the same money to spend on advertising that big companies do. Large corporations have the advantage of high-brand awareness, as well as the cash flow and floor space for an in-house marketing team. Without marketing, however, your small business will struggle to grow.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop a complete marketing strategy and implement it without impacting your cash flow? With Bartercard, you can! You can work a whole SME marketing plan, paying for it all on Bartercard. Coordinate everything from networking, telemarketing, database purchasing, to email newsletters and radio advertising. And that is just for starters! All of these components can help drive cash sales into your business.

The Difference Between Small Business Marketing and Large Companies

The question is, when do you find the time to focus on marketing when there is so much else in your business that needs your attention? The answer: enlist some professional marketing support! Make space in your business growth strategy for talented marketing consultants, who offer a range of services including strategic planning and sourcing, advertising and social media, promotions, and so much more. A good consultant will help set up a long-term plan that informs and engages your customers to build your brand AND your business.

The services of professional marketers will save you time, energy, and money, and allow you to take care of the other important areas of your business. Marketing is a vital element of any successful business, so contact Bartercard and find out how they can put you in touch with marketing professionals keen to help you grow your business.

Welcome to Bartercard Marketplace

Bartercard Marketplace provides a platform designed to bring a better trading experience to their community through greater personalisation and targeting, giving members a single portal to access all Bartercard services including Search and MYBC in just one place. It delivers a streamlined process for receiving promotions across the community, empowering members to load their own promotions and effectively market to the rest of the community.

How Bartercard can Help with Marketing Techniques Unique to SMEs

Often, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in marketing before you see any results. That is unless you join a relationship-focused network like Bartercard that opens you up to a whole range of new contacts, leads, and potential clients.

Take multi-channel marketing. Multichannel marketing is the blending of different distribution and promotional channels for marketing. Distribution channels include a retail storefront, a website, or a mail-order catalogue. Multi-channel marketing is about choice. Similarly, strategic planning is essential to the development and growth of your business.

Expand the Marketing Capacity of Your Small Business with the Bartercard Network

Marketing may not always come naturally to you, but it is a vital element of any successful business, so it’s not something you can DIY or allow to fall by the wayside. With help from Bartercard’s vast community of business professionals, you can make sure your marketing is sending the right message with each and every action made by you and your business while saving you cash!


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