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How Bartercard is a valuable trading partner for business owners

Imagine for a moment you could wave a magic wand over your business and fix all your problem areas. What would the revamped version of your business look like? You would most likely have more customers through your door to fill those vacant time slots or spare seats or to buy that slow-moving stock. You might upgrade some of your systems, reward your staff (and yourself) and get your marketing really working for you. And of course, you would want more cash in your business!

There is a clever business tool that comes close to being a magic wand for businesses… and it is Bartercard.

For decades, thousands of Bartercard members around the world have been using Bartercard as a valuable trading partner to help them tick many items off their business-building wish list. For many, the results have truly been magic!

Here are some of the many ways you can put Bartercard to work in your business.

Convert your under-utilised trading capacity

Bartercard is a great way to ‘top up’ your trade in quiet times. You can use the Bartercard community to keep your business running at a higher capacity during those quieter trading periods and you control the days and times and how much extra business you can handle.

Opening your doors to new Bartercard customers enables you to convert your downtime and spare capacity into revenue. Clever members quickly learn how to manage the Bartercard side of their business to ensure they are never quiet, and their seats are rarely empty.

Move excess inventory or slow-moving stock

There are many ways to sell your excess stock or slow-moving inventory. You can use Bartercard’s online marketplace to sell a one-off item or move multiple products. Talk to your trade consultant about advertising products or services in the weekly directory. It is all included free with your membership.

The benefit of selling through Bartercard is you do not need to discount as members are happy to pay full price when using their trade dollars. Selling your excess stock gives you trade dollars to spend in other areas of your business which frees up your cash. Having more cash is a big bonus to any business!

Increase your income by attracting new customers

Bartercard aims to increase your business by 10 to 15% and increase your net cash profit. That figure in entirely dependent on you. Some members use Bartercard to slowly increase their business while others have the capacity and the desire to bring in much more trade business.

Remember, your trade dollars are a supplement (not a replacement) to your cash-paying business.  Bartercard customers are over and above your existing cash customers. They appreciate being able to spend their trade dollars with you. They are also business owners, so they know other potential (cash paying) customers. If you treat them right, they will greatly improve both areas of your business – cash and trade.

Grow your business with an advance on trade dollar sales

Bartercard offers members an advance on trade dollar sales. This means you can start investing in your business from the moment your membership is approved. You can keep the cash in your business by paying for goods and services with your trade dollars instead.

The amount of the advance depends on your type of business and trading and credit history. You may qualify for enough to purchase much-needed equipment, upgrade your computer systems, build a new website, or invest in advertising to attract new customers.

Reward your staff…and yourself

There are many ways to treat your team using your trade dollars. You will find hundreds of great products and services through Bartercard to use as rewards or incentives such as dinners, gift cards, beauty treatments, or a car detail! You can also buy Trade Vouchers so your staff can decide where to spend their trade dollar gift.

Take your team out for a celebration at one of the many local Bartercard restaurants, or give everyone a bottle of wine to thank them for their great service at the end of a productive year.

You can treat yourself, your partner, or your family too with one of the many lifestyle products, services, or amazing holiday destinations on offer.

Let Bartercard be your trading partner

Bartercard really can be that magic wand you have been searching for to help you attract new customers, manage your cash flow, move your excess stock, fill those empty seats, grow your business, and reward yourself and your staff.

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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

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