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Bartering in business

Bartering has been a part of business since business began. It’s likely you’ve done the odd barter deal as most business owners love to exchange their products or services with other business owners. They know it’s a great way to save cash, move excess or idle stock and fill up those quiet times in the calendar.

The problem with direct, business-to-business bartering is it lacks flexibility. Each business must want what the other business is offering. If you’re a restaurant owner for example and you need a new refrigeration system, you’d be hard pressed to find a refrigeration company willing to accept thousands of dollars of payment in meals.

What makes Bartercard different?

As a Bartercard member, you earn trade dollars for the goods and services you sell to other Bartercard members. You then spend these trade dollars on goods or services from any other Bartercard member. You can even access an advance on your trade dollar sales.

All transactions are recorded electronically in your member account, like a bank account. When you sell, your account is credited and when you buy it is debited.

Using Bartercard’s currency of trade dollars, you can trade quickly and easily with tens of thousands of members worldwide through the online platform or mobile app, giving you complete flexibility.

The main advantages Bartercard has over direct bartering are

  • you do not have to buy from the same business that buys from you
  • you can spend with any member locally, nationally, or internationally
  • you can sell your products and services now and buy later, or buy now and sell later
  • you can use the advance on trade dollar sales as working capital, even before making a sale.

As one of the largest, most secure, and fully accountable trade exchanges in the world, Bartercard has been helping businesses for more than 30 years. Many members have been with Bartercard from the start, for many reasons. The top three are to

  1. Save cash
  2. Expand their customer reach and
  3. Shift excess stock without the need to discount

 Here’s how they do it.

Save cash

How do you save cash through Bartercard? By reducing your cash expenses. The trade dollars you earn by selling to other Bartercard members can be used to offset your business and lifestyle expenses, keeping more cash right where you need it – in your business.

You will need cash to cover your fixed expenses such as rent, wages and electricity. Almost everything else can be found through the Bartercard network. And every time you spend your trade dollars, you are saving cash!

Expand your customer reach

When you become a Bartercard member, your business automatically becomes accessible to a whole new market of customers. They are businesspeople like you, all keen to spend their trade dollars and save cash.

If you provide a good product or great service, Bartercard members will refer your business to their cash-paying friends so your cash business will grow as well.

Shift excess stock without the need to discount

If your business has excess stock, Bartercard is the place to shift it. Members do not mind paying full price if it means they can use their trade dollars. With tens of thousands of members, there is bound to be someone wanting to buy what you are wanting to move.

You will never need to run another discount sale.  You can sell your excess stock at full trade dollars, then use these trade dollars to offset your expenses and keep cash in your business.

Bartercard can help!

There are many more ways Bartercard can help grow your business. Get in touch to find out more.


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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

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