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Adding Value to Your Business Through Customer Experience

One of the ways you can add value to your business is to focus on your customers. When you understand what they want, what they need, and what they feel, you’re better equipped to create meaningful customer experiences. Crafting a great strategy to improve customer experience is an essential aspect that can significantly increase customer loyalty, build solid customer relations, reduce churn, and boost your brand’s reach, as your customers share their positive experiences with their circle of influence. Below, we’re discussing the main components of improving consumer experience and how these can add value to your business.

Crafting a customer-centric journey

Good customer service is just one aspect of overall customer experience, and good customer experience looks beyond discounts and other monetary perks. Sure, these can make customers happy, but there are certain situations in which freebies and discounts can’t compensate for bland customer experience. It simply won’t stick with people.

When we talk about the overall customer experience, we look into the entire customer journey. Listening to your customers and learning who they are will give you a complete view, and help you build a customer-centric vision of your services. From the moment they show interest to your brand down to completing their first purchase, the customer experience should remain consistently positive and personal. Whether that’s in the form of building unique customer loyalty programmes, personalising exclusive offers for birthdays, or designing customer policies that make the purchase journey hassle-free, you can create a memorable customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Creating a personal connection

Thanks to our ever-growing technological world, brands are able to create platforms that make their products and services more and more accessible. From user-friendly applications to making cashless transactions possible, there are a lot of ways technology can boost customer experience. But beyond the apparent speed and convenience the e-commerce world has introduced, customers also crave genuine connections.

One of the most important key factors in creating great customer experience is nurturing a human connection. According to the Journal of Consumer Research, 50% of a customer’s experience is based on emotion. Emotions do indeed influence behaviour and drive customers to make specific decisions. When your brand can become emotionally connected and invested in the customers, the more likely it is that they will re-book your services, re-purchase your products, and recommend your company to others.

Efficient use of technology

Businesses rely on loyal customers. Similarly, consumers are looking for reliable brands that they feel they can trust. As such, consumers will have no problem ceasing relations with a company even after just one bad experience. For small businesses, this can have a major impact on the bottom line.

A great way to improve customer experience is by maximising the available technology in front of you. Whether that’s troubleshooting and resolving problems online, or making payments with a touch of a button, customers are drawn to forward-thinking companies who can offer exceptional customer service as well as companies who make it a priority to better their processes for the sake of customers’ convenience.

At Bartercard, we continuously strive to improve customer experience by simplifying business operations and transactions for both merchants and customers. Through our platform, you can convert your slow-moving stock to extra sales, transact with trade dollars to improve cash flow, and receive an advance on your trade dollar sales to purchase products. Members can also utilise MYBC Bartercard, an online trading website that allows you to conveniently search, connect, and trade with thousands of other members online 24/7. Contact us today.


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