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Adapting Your Networking Strategies for a Remote Working Future

The normal routes we used to employ for B2B networking—in-person meetings and networking events—are not as common as they once were. Networking used to be done over coffee or during breaks at a conference, but we haven’t spent as much time in the same room together for over a year now. Instead, we continue to Zoom each other, attending virtual conferences hosted by professionals in other countries, and building remote working networks, and it’s up to us to ensure our networking strategies remain effective.

It is important to remember if you want to be successful at networking, that it isn’t all about you; it’s about building relationships, and relationships aren’t one-way streets. Bartercard is a B2B business community that connects you with new customers. Below, we describe how you can use our networking strategies to build and rebuild your relationships.

Remote Working is Here to Stay

In this constantly changing world, it’s important to find and connect with your B2B networks and trading partners in every available way. If you’re to stay afloat in these uncertain times, you need to keep your online communication channels open and use technology to continue to increase profits and grow your business.

Find out what suits the needs of your ideal customers and contacts when it comes to staying connected, then meet them there, and take a little time to research how others in your network are keeping in touch. Check out your competitors and what they offer in the way of online appointment setting, conducting meetings, and ongoing service.

Meeting the Demands of the New B2B “Normal”

Whether you’re firmly established with your B2B online networking or have a little way to go to fully connect, you can always find new and better ways to reach out to those in your community, as well as those you would like to invite in! Through major advancements in mobile technology, you can now network with other businesses around the clock, no matter where you are. The Bartercard mobile app puts your business in your pocket, allowing you to access your B2B network anywhere at any time. This gives you a competitive edge in the B2B marketplace, allowing you to connect with clients and potential clients whether at work or travelling for business or pleasure.

Use Bartercard’s Mobile App to Access Your B2B Community

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the next suburb, the next region, or even overseas, the app lets you find other members, browse through their products and services, process sales, pay invoices, and keep track of your balance in a matter of seconds. Check out the Bartercard mobile app today and discover the benefits of a supportive business network that moves with you.

In this challenging economic climate, we understand that it’s more important than ever for businesses to think outside the box. If you’re working in a reduced capacity, you can still get new customers, offset your expenses, and induce a better cash flow to keep cash in your business, all while continuing to strengthen and expand your networks.

It should be possible to continue networking. The scope of your meetups will be different, and where you have them may also change significantly. Even if you can’t always meet up in person, it is possible to create meaningful connections.

Thinking Outside the Box with Bartercard

So, if you’re looking for that competitive edge to help you find, connect, and do business with your B2B market, Bartercard provides a simple and easy way to take your business to the next level. Become a member today and take your remote networking to the next level!


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Access Bartercard for 1 month complimentary* to see if it is the right fit for your business growth.

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Boost your business with Bartercard

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