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You're a publisher, radio station, TV network, newspaper or advertiser and want to know how Bartercard will work for you?

Rather than discounting or gifting your unsold advertising space, you could follow what successful advertisers have been doing since 1991 to gain a better profit margin. They've been working with Bartercard to convert their unsold advertising space into trade dollars that they use to offset their normal business expenses.

Bartercard helps us fill extra pages per month but the biggest benefit Bartercard provides us is the additional cash sales we generate through Bartercard members advertising with us. Another way is through purchasing products on trade, such as iPads and iPods, to use as subscription prizes. This tactic has raised our subscription cash sales as well as improved awareness of our business in the various industries we offer advertising to. We’ve been members of Bartercard for 24 years, trading more than $40,000 a month. The extra income that Bartercard has provided us with has freed up our cash flow. We’ve been able to renovate our office on trade, which has been instrumental in retaining our staff.

Alan KirkThe Magazine Publishing Company