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You're an education and training business and want to know how Bartercard will work for you?

The product you offer may be diverse within this industry but your primary focus is on delivering value to paying clients and filling each available space. You've probably considered several options to grow your business like offering early bird pricing, group discounts or other specials as an incentive to find new clients and encourage bookings. Alternatively, you could consider developing strategies that allow you to fill your unproductive times and unsold seats at full value and grow your word of mouth referrals. Since 1991, Bartercard has been partnering with education and training businesses helping them to fill vacancies with loyal clients. By tapping into Bartercard's network of approximately 32,000 cardholders, they have been able to break into new markets, grow their referrals and conserve cash by paying for printing, promotions, office equipment and other regular expenses using the Bartercard trade dollars earned.

Bartercard has helped us fill our courses with children of Bartercard business owners or the business owners themselves and they refer us on to their friends and colleagues which brings us additional cash business. In addition, the networking functions provide us with great opportunities to engage with smart business entrepreneurs. This helps us to learn how to grow our business and gain referrals for all of our courses.

Victoria CarltonInternational Centre for Excellence

For my speaking events I organise the venue, catering, the video production, printed material and promotions for the event all from Bartercard members, then package that to members and sell tickets on trade and sell into the cash market. It's amazing what a difference Bartercard can make to your business, and your life.

Troy HazardThe Edge Corporate Strategies