Introducing Billzy

Revolutionize your cash flow with the Billzy intelligent invoice

Billzy Cash

The smarter way to access quick and easy invoice finance

Cash flow is critical in any business. With the help of billzy Cash, businesses of all sizes are accessing quick and easy invoice and debtor finance, at any time and from any device.You can apply for finance in just seconds and have it available in your merchant account within 24 – 48 hours.

That means frictionless cash flow for your business and less time spent chasing unpaid invoices.


billzy provides credit card & bPay to your suite of payment options.

When you send invoices via billzy, we will automatically provide credit card payment services and create a unique Bpay reference for your customers to utilise to pay your invoices. All payments made via Bpay or Credit Card will automatically reconcile your billzy invoices.

With no set up, monthly or bank transfer fees, billzy will revolutionise your cashflow.

billzy is the only single platform designed by small business people for small business people… like YOU!

What we can help you achieve

billzy is an Australian fin-tech company founded by a group of building and construction entrepreneurs who understood the unique financial pressures facing not just the construction sector but also small businesses in general.

  • Secure and connected community
  • Accept multiple payment options
  • Receive everything in one place
  • No inflexible contracts
  • billzy cash
  • One platform
  • Free unlimited invoicing
  • Dynamic surcharging
  • No upfront/monthly fees
  • Instantly negotiate discounts