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Welcome to our Bartercard Articles

Here you will find stories from our members and how they use Bartercard for business and lifestyle. Happy reading!

$2.5 Million in Extra Sales:

Bartercard Boosts Luxe Brand!

There’s plenty of pressure in retail to sell stock quickly. Customers are always shopping for the latest look, especially when a new season rolls in. Putting on a Bartercard sale day is one way to expedite sales while creating a greater customer experience in-store, like Sydney brand Osmen does.

Osmen sells beautiful outdoor furniture to restaurants, cafes and resorts globally, and through a chain of retail stores in Sydney, covering the full spectrum of manufacture, import and export. Their resort-style designs uplift every space, but like every retail business, seasonality is a hurdle to constantly keep in-check.

When there’s surplus stock at the end of the season, Osmen puts on a Bartercard Sale Day where Bartercard members are invited to purchase their beautiful pieces with their Trade Dollars. These members often bring cash-paying friends and family to boot.

Turning seasonality around, Michelle said Bartercard Sale Days can clear up to $400,000 worth of stock in a single night. “Bartercard not only moves stock that’s superseded by newer product, but saves valuable storage space,” she said. “At the end of the day no business wants its floor space or warehouses full of items and Sale Days shift stock quickly. We also sell discontinued items - if it’s not cost-effective keeping the line, we put it in the sale.” The Osmen warehouse isn’t normally open to the public and Sale Days let the brand attract a new market of business customers quickly without the foot traffic or enhanced POS requirements. Sale Days also attract Bartercard Tourism that represents resorts across Australia and the Asia Pacific to source furniture on behalf of their clients. Michelle points out that many cash-paying customers wait until stock is discounted to purchase it, which can damage a brand. “So the upside of limiting sales to Bartercard members is the stock sells quickly without creating a ‘wait for discount’ mentality among cash customers,” she said. “The items that we sell on Bartercard are still great products - it’s the stock we have just as a new season look comes in. Sometimes customers are looking for a square style when we still have the curved look in store. You will always have certain styles left over for different reasons and Sale Days reduce that stock.”

Bartercard Sale Days are effective because they’re low-cost and Bartercard arranges everything from start to finish including marketing, running the event and processing transactions. The stock list is determined ahead of time then teasers are sent around the country. Members are invited to shop the selection of sale items clearly marked with a Bartercard ‘b’ – they just stick a post-it with their initials on the products they want to buy.

Bartercard Sale Days earn Trade Dollars that Michelle spends on business and lifestyle expenses to offset cash costs. Since 2008, she’s saved over $1.6 million by spending Trade Dollars instead of cash on bus and magazine advertising, accommodation at resorts and staff gifts and incentives, and is looking to purchase real estate through Bartercard next.

From One Member to Another

Adelaide Hills Retreats

Adelaide Hills Retreats formerly Adelaide Hills Country Cottages, incorporates new levels of luxury in every way, offering its clients unrivalled retreats in the Adelaide Hills. They have been a Bartercard member since 2006, but hadn’t really been taking advantage of the full benefits of the network until they were introduced to Presente Marketing Australia.

Presente Marketing Australia became a Bartercard member in December 2018 when they were referred to the network by the owner of the luxurious Nukubati Private Island and The Fiji Orchid.

Presente Marketing Australia is passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses develop a search marketing strategy which will help them achieve growth. They are committed to achieving consistent results and creating long term partnerships with their clients.

Now working with Adelaide Hills Retreats (as well as Nukubati Private Island and The Fiji Orchid) on a Bartercard basis, Presente Marketing Australia have quickly demonstrated the power of the network and how Bartercard members can benefit each other through simple referrals to one another.

“When I was introduced to Scott [from Presente Marketing Australia], our Bed and Breakfast accommodation (after a significant re-structure) was facing a crossroads. Occupancy was nowhere near where we wanted it to be and costs of increased bookings through OTA’s [Online Travel Agencies] had me nervous. I really wanted to drive more traffic to our own website for bookings and have other aspects in our business humming. Scott immediately took up the challenge and started encouraging me to think outside the square.

We gave him autonomy with Google AdWords, Google My Business, our Online Booking System, and our website, and he literally had turned things around for us in a very short period of time.

We had been hovering around 55% trend for numerous months, but the last three months have now increased to 72%, 88%, 85% and the month we have just entered, we are already 65% occupied, so forward bookings now are really starting to take off for us. We’re very happy with what we are seeing!

Business systems are also about to improve, as Scott’s recommendations and encouragement to move across to a superior booking platform will certainly streamline business practices for us.

We have been really impressed by the service from Scott at Presente, and we are now on a secure path to getting the business humming on all levels, moving forward from a far more confident and competent position.

Scott and Presente come highly recommended. I am confident that he can assist you in getting the foundations right in your business to move into a more efficient future with bright outcomes!”

Turn T$10,000 trade dollars

into $100,000 cash

Lifetime Dynamics is a consultancy business based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 25 years’ experience, owner and founder Robert Borg is a business strategist who provides direction, guidance, motivation, and results. Whether it’s your career, sales, business or your own personal journey, if you need advice, Borg and Lifetime Dynamics have a proven record of success. Robert became a Bartercard member in June 2008 to gain exposure and access to business owners who wanted to know how to develop and grow their business. Over the years, he’s helped many businesses turn T$10,000 trade dollars into $100,000 cash in less than 12 months! He’s the man to help you achieve your goals. In a recent interview with Robert, he tells us about his experience of being a member of the Bartercard exchange.

1. How is Bartercard an effective way to sell your service?

I find people in Bartercard are more open minded and receptive to opportunities. They’re keen to use their trade dollars when it comes to investing in their business as opposed to people who use just cash and perhaps are a little more reserved as they’re wanting to conserve that cash for other essential business expenses.

2 What are the biggest benefits you derive from Bartercard?

I have been able to offset 50% of the serviced office costs by using Bartercard which has allowed me to increase my cashflow by approximately $600/per month just in this one area.

3 How have you effectively used Bartercard to improve your business?

By setting up a game plan, I have been able to work the Bartercard platform to easily speak to business owners, present an opportunity and have them do business with me. There are thousands of Bartercard members nationwide which really does open up all sorts of conversations whether it’s through promotions or networking events that are regularly put on, you just need to go after them.

4 What do you use your trade dollars for?

I use my trade dollars for business essentials, dining, and I’m currently in the process of purchasing a property so will use trade dollars as the deposit! Bartercard allows for both business and lifestyle purchases which is a great balance for me and suits my requirements.

5 What is your most memorable Bartercard purchase?

I had a ducted heating and refrigerated cooling system installed in my property which was a hefty investment, so it was great to be able to use trade instead of cash!

How our Business

has Grown using Bartercard

It was the Maloo Ute advertising Bartercard that first caught Stuart Evans’ eye of Evanco Mechanical. One phone call was all it took back in 2014 to start the ball rolling, and they’ve been a Bartercard member since.

“We are a family-owned and operated business, my daughter runs the office and is also a mechanic apprentice in the workshop, and my wife, Natasha also works within the business. Evanco Mechanical started in my back shed in 2004 where I was a mobile mechanic. We then expanded and moved to Strickland Street, Bunbury in 2006 and have been operating in these premises ever since.

“I joined Bartercard in 2014 when I saw Darryl Toreaux driving round in a Maloo Ute advertising Bartercard. I contacted him for a meeting, and we signed up the business there and then! And there have been no regrets. I absolutely love Bartercard.

“I order radiators, workshop supply fluids, rags etc. for the workshop using the trade dollars and find the cashless network to be very beneficial as it allows me to save cash in the business. I also spend my trade dollars on incentivising my staff as I reward them with bonuses in trade which they can then spend on dinners out, gifts, accommodation, activities etc.

“As a business, we find Bartercard is very effective to sell our services on. We have built up quite a few clients on Bartercard and reciprocate the arrangement when required – it works really well.

“We’ve found the networking events to be really beneficial too and that’s where the majority of our business has come from – there’s nothing better than a first-hand recommendation either! The weekly promos are also another great way to source new clients as well as finding products and services we can use within our business.

“Since joining, we’ve seen our business grow – it’s brought us an additional 10-15% customer base which we just wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for Bartercard. Our bottom line has increased by up to 20% and we save around $500 cash per month!

“Being a part of the network also allows me to cash convert as I’m able to purchase workshop products using our trade dollars which I can then sell on through cash. A great example of this is when I’ve been able to buy oil products - $10,000 worth – saving the business roughly $7,000 in cash!

“While Bartercard is an excellent business tool, we’ve also taken advantage of the lifestyle offering! We’ve purchased personal items such as gaming consoles, compound bow, overseas holidays, got my son’s car panel beaten, bought a new lounge suite, painted my corvette, as well as dinners out. My boat purchase has to definitely be my most memorable purchase. I’d always wanted a boat and Bartercard allowed me to achieve this dream.

“All in all, Bartercard is awesome and I’m really enjoying being a part of a growing network.”

Rising to the Top

with Bartercard

Whether you like your bread savoury, sweet, crusty, classic or artisanal, Bakers Delight has been perfecting Australia’s favourite breads since 1980. One franchisee of the popular bread brand, Ryan Kirkham, has created a partnership with Bartercard which has attracted approximately $40,000 in sales every year – that’s a lot of loaves! Here, Ryan tells us how he utilises Bartercard for the benefit of his franchise.

What’s your background with baking and Bartercard?

I started as a 16-year-old apprentice baker with Bakers Delight in 2000, and today have Bakers Delight franchises in Kawana and Maroochydore and lease out store space to Bakers Delight Ballina. I was introduced to Bartercard in 2010 and have been selling bread through the cashless network since, which earns me a digital currency that I can spend at thousands of businesses around the country. Every time I use Bartercard to pay for business or lifestyle expenses, I conserve cash to spend in other areas.

Why has Bartercard been successful in your business?

We need to make a high volume of sales every day to stay viable. Bartercard has helped me grow my customer base and sell excess product, leaving me with less bread wasted at the end of each day. It really fits in with our ‘baked fresh daily’ approach! On average our sales have jumped by approximately $40,000 per year with Bartercard, as it attracts customers I wouldn’t normally get.

What do you spend your Bartercard trade dollars on?

I use Bartercard to pay for a range of business expenses to include electricians, plumbers, pest control, printing, as well as staff accommodation, incentives, gifts with purchase, marketing campaigns and sponsorships. I am the naming rights sponsor of the QBL franchise Rip City based at USC on the Sunshine Coast, it’s a viable way to support local organisations while connecting with the community.

Don’t Let the Sun Set

on an Empty Room

Hospitality and the tourism market are notorious for slower periods of business, off-peak seasons and short-lead times. This can have a profound effect on cash flow. So, what can be done to fill these holes and keep businesses afloat during these downturns?

When an operator at a hotel, café, or restaurant is dealing with distressed inventory (i.e. rooms or seats that can’t be sold via the usual cash market), they can turn to alternative non-cash markets such as Bartercard. The inventory can be exchanged for trade dollars which can then be used to purchase goods and services required to operate their business, removing the need for cash.

Bartercard Travel recognises that if the sun sets on an empty room in a hotel or resort, the operator can never realise any value for that room, as rooms are a finite commodity of time-sensitive expiring stock. Of course, the preference would be to get cash for that room, but if that’s not possible, they’ll want to get some value for it rather than it sitting empty. That’s when Bartercard becomes a viable option. Bartercard generates purchasing power which can be used to help with business cash flow and allows the operator to generate incremental cash revenue when guests stay at the property.

Bartercard member, Tata Crocombe, Owner and Managing Director of The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Lagoonarium, Sanctuary Rarotonga and Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, explains how Bartercard has helped his resort flourish.

The role for us in non-cash markets is primarily in Bartercard selling rooms that would otherwise not be sold by way of their closed-user group of business members. We target Bartercard sales into specific need periods i.e. shoulder and low season and combined with stringent scrutiny of purchasing, Bartercard plays a very important role in converting empty rooms into some form of value. Our target is a maximum of 10% of bookings in the noncash Bartercard and contra market.

Make Bartercard a part of your business plan.
Using trade exchanges, tourism operators are increasingly trading their distressed inventory to offset consumable business expenses typically paid for with cash. Cash can be preserved and used elsewhere within the business. It doesn’t just stop at funding idle rooms, Bartercard is also used to fund refurbishments, renovations and redevelopment of properties. Bartercard has also helped Pacific Island accommodation operators recover from emergencies such as natural disasters by facilitating the purchase of re-building materials with trade dollars generated by empty rooms.