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We would like remind all Franchises of the process to follow for all sponsorship proposals presented to Bartercard. The process outlined below allows the Franchise Manager to evaluate all sponsorship proposals for value and approve prior to forwarding to head office.

The following process allows for regional sponsorships to be given overall consideration from franchise office and head office perspectives:

  1. When a member approaches/and or sends a sponsorship proposal to a Bartercard Franchise staff member, the proposal is to be forwarded to the Franchise Manager for review.
  2. Upon review by the Franchise Manger, the Franchise Manager is to then either recommend the proposal as an opportunity for Bartercard or decline the sponsorship proposal.
  3. If the sponsorship proposal is declined, the Franchise Manager is to advise the member of the decision and source if there are other Bartercard members within the trading network who may be suitable for the sponsorship.
  4. If the Franchise Manger recommends the proposal, the Franchise Manager will then complete the ‘New Sponsorship Proposal Request’ form outlining the benefits of the sponsorship for Bartercard and send the completed form to Head Office marketing department for final approval. (If the sponsorship is a renewal application then please complete the ‘Existing Sponsorships – Bartercard Sponsorship Evaluation’ form). After the sponsorship has been approved by Head Office payment for the sponsorship will be made from your Regional Marketing Budget.

The New Sponsorship Proposal Request and Existing Sponsorships – Bartercard Sponsorship Evaluation forms are available for downloading for the marketing extranet.

Please note that the management of all approved sponsorships are the responsibility of the Franchise Manger. Bartercard may offer support and guidance. The Franchise Manager must ensure that all sponsorship benefits, i.e. signage, logos, written articles etc have been supplied/provided in order to receive the full benefits of the sponsorship.

We hope this assists with future sponsorship proposals and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting Marketing.

NEW Sponsorship Proposal – Download

EXISTING Sponsorships – Download

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